Torino 2006 winter olympics, Italy

Services Rendered: Design, Installation and Maintenance.
Equipment Supply: Delivery of over 750
Commentary Positions of the AEQ DCS-10
Digital Commentary System for all the Venues at the Torino Winter Olympics.
Delivery of the Commentary Switching Centre and 4W intercommunication equipment for Commentary Switching Centre at IBC.
The commentary Switching held the capacity of an equivalent of over 4500 4W circuits. The Commentary Audio was integrally generated by a Digital Commentary System.
Transmissions on the International Side were integrally carried out through ISDN AudioCodecs. On the international Side Supplementary contracts was awarded to AEQ for the same type of equipment from EBU Sports (European Broadcasting Union)

and were distributed throughout the World among the EBU Members and other Broadcasters that contracted this service from EBU Sports.

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